Lawrence Knorr elected to the board of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association (MBPA)

From MBPA:

Election Results for 2013 Transitional Board of Directors

For the first time ever, we had a surplus of candidates for open board positions, and the results are in! Your new 2013 Board of Directors includes:

Bill Holland – Windmill Books Ltd.
Lawrence Knorr – Sunbury Press, Inc.
Erika Liodice – Dreamspire Press, LLC
Rita Lucas – Jus’ Soul Press, LLC
Beverly Richardson  – DreaMerchant Press

The first four are our newly elected members, and we know continuing member Beverly Richardson will leverage her considerable background in organizational effectiveness and her experience for the last year on the current board to help bring them up to speed. When the new board is officially seated in January, their first order of business will be to elect from among themselves the four Corporate Officers — president, vice president, treasurer and secretary — with the fifth person serving as Director At Large.

MBPA is a professional trade community of independent publishers located in the MidAtlantic area. We welcome all independent and self-publishers, along with authors considering becoming independent publishers, in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington, DC.

We are a regional affiliate of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest non-profit trade association representing independent publishers.

Ancient ayurvedic recipes and techniques the subject of Linnea Jepson’s new cookbook

Mechanicsburg, PA – Sunbury Press has released Linnea Jepson’s cookbook “Linnea’s Kitchen: Yummy Ayurvedic Recipes and Life Lessons” featuring ancient recipes and techniques meant to improve nutrition and health.

From Linnea:
Please join my current cooking class to establish a new sense of awareness of the importance of whole food, its preparation and consumption. We will focus on your personal health and develop common sense wellness routines to reinstate your physical body to balance and youthful vitality. Take your place at the table – you are all invited! We will do this together.

Consider these important issues:
• If you care about the “home” you provide for your indomitable Spirit,
• If you care about the inconvenience of being ill, feeling awful but needing to keep going,
• If you care about living a long healthy life full of vitality and freshness,
• If you want to participate personally in ‘cleaning out’ and ‘greening up’ your body,
• If you care about investing in your Self, which in turn more effectively serves all those you love,
• If you care about the increase of diabetes, heart disease, and obesity,
• If you care about driving down the mounting health care costs in these beleaguered times,
• If you care about cleaning up your personal environment. . . this is part of your eating consciousness.

You should seriously consider the concepts and recipes in this cook book which you will use and refer to for the rest of your life!!

I am passionate about Food, Ayurveda, and Svaroopa® Yoga. These are sister sciences that are meant to support each other. The Ayurvedic principles of food preparation and eating are the “common sense” way of nurturing and nourishing your body, so basic and so simple. These ancient teachings come to us directly from the Mother Divine, providing the cosmic memory of the Universe to create your body’s own inner healing and dynamic well being using “food as medicine.”

Linnea’s Kitchen: Yummy Ayurvedic Recipes and Life Lessons
Authored by Linnea Jepson
List Price: $29.95
6″ x 8.875″ (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Spiral Bound
Color on White paper
236 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620061282
ISBN-10: 1620061282
BISAC: Cookbooks/International/Ayervedic

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