The Small Book of Practical Wisdom for Regular People by Terry Ray


MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released The Small Book of Practical Wisdom for Regular People by Terry Ray.

About the Book:
“There is a vast ocean of information available today …and barely a drop of Wisdom.”

case5.000x8.000.inddYou will not find any ancient Chinese wisdom nor mysterious quotes from The Tibetan Book of the Dead in this book. The practical insights found here are 100 original sayings by the author. Reminiscent of a modern day Mark Twain, Terry Ray’s wisdom and wit grew out of the experiences of his chaotic, adventurous, happy, tragic, confusing, loving, brokenhearted, betrayed, accomplished, failed, successful, unpredictable life.

The author’s autobiography in bullet points:

• Born and raised in a four room mill house heated by a small coal stove
• One big mean older brother, two cold unloving unhappy parents
• Bizarre number of deaths surrounding childhood
• Life on the streets, other eccentric neglected…

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Christina Burns recounts her turbulent youth and discovery of faith in “The Journey Called Life”

Pennsylvanus Book Blog

ALTOONA, Pa.tjcl_fc— Sunbury Press has released The Journey Called Life, Christina Burns memoir of her turbulent youth and faith journey.

About the Book:
Survival is already a way of life, but what will become of a shattered mind?

Christina is, at least on the surface, the all-American girl next door. However, growing up in the small town of Bellwood, Pennsylvania, would prove to be anything but “normal”. A rough childhood, traumas, mental illnesses, addiction, murder, and kidnapping are just a few of the battles she faces, and she isn’t even twenty-one yet!

Little does she know, her next battle will be a literal fight for her life. Embarking on a journey to find herself, she ends up lost on a downward spiral headed straight for the deepest darkest pits of hell.

This debut book is an inspiring true story of life experience, inner strength and keeping hope alive…

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James Campbell’s “What Do You Say?” is the Sunbury Press bestseller for May

Rev. James A. Campbell

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released the bestsellers list for May. James Campbell’s aid to pastors handling the elderly, What Do You Say? earned the top spot. Winter of the Metal People by Dennis Herrick was second.

SUNBURY PRESS – Bestsellers for May, 2016 (by Revenue)
RankLast MonthTitleAuthorCategory
1NEWWhat Do You Say?James CampbellPastoral Resources
220Winter of the Metal PeopleDennis HerrickHistorical Fiction
33Choice of EnemiesM A RichardsSpy Thriller
45Israel Under SiegeScot McCauleyEspionage Fiction
5The Oxygen FactoryRenee des LauriersYA Dystopian Fiction
612The B TeamAlan MindellSports Fiction
7Blue Lines Up In ArmsJames Craig AtchisonThriller Fiction
84Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last, 2nd Ed.Mike CampbellHistory
96Where Elephants FoughtBridget SmithHistorical Fiction

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Bill Foley suggests a better way to go in “The 10 Second Shift”

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MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released Bill Foley’s new book,The 10 Second Shift, about colon health.

About the Book:

tss_fcChange the way you feel with this simple recommendation!
The 10-Second Shift
will ask you-either man or woman-to change the way you perform a routine, hygienic function, one that you already partake in just by the simple nature of being a human; you will just need to step out of the box like I did and learn a new twist on the procedure-one that will take about 10 seconds to complete. Can you be open to that? Of course you can!

I walk around every, single day with an amazing feeling emanating from inside my body. It hasn’t always been that way. As a matter of fact, I was just like the rest of our population, so what did I know? Not much, I’ll admit. At least until…

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James A. Campbell leads the way into the realm of pastoral ministry in care settings for older adults

Rev. James A. Campbell

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — Sunbury Press has released James A. Campbell’s second edition of his classic book,What Do You Say, about ministering in eldercare settings.

About the Book:
wdys_fcLearning to Listen for Grace Among Our Elders
This is the 25th anniversary edition of What Do You Say? Its first publishing necessitated further printing. Once out of print, requests kept coming for a new edition. Twenty-five years after its release, it was still being used as a model of discovering the blessing of our elders. Its truths more than ever speak to the larger hunger and urgency of engaged listening in an isolating, disconnected world.

James A. Campbell leads the way into the realm of pastoral ministry in care settings for older adults. What do you say in such settings? Campbell is unflinchingly honest about the question. More than anything, he wants to know where and how grace is…

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What to Do about Mama?- Book Review

NorthernMSW: Advocacy, Education/Guidance on Death, Dying, and Grief

Book Review- What to Do about Mama? By Barbara G. Mathews and Barbara Trainin Blank

What I like about this book is the different perspectives on caregiving as there are many contributors. This provides any individual or professional reading the book with different scenarios, which include common situations and feelings.

The authors also describe their own care giving experiences. For Barbara Matthews, she became a caregiver for her mother-in-law. Ten years after her father-in-law died, her mother-in-law came to live in her hometown. At first, the response was no, but as health problems began to appear, the move happened. A family meeting with all helped “seal the deal” for her to relocate and be closer to family to have assistance as needed.

Another health crisis occurred creating a cycle of hospitalizations and rehabilitations. She then moved in with Barbara and her husband on the first floor of their house. Increasing…

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